How to re-use glass jars!

There are many small acts one can do on a daily basis to preserve our planet. One simple act such as re-using your glass jars and cosmetic containers will greatly reduce the burden on our environment and will also save you money. There are so many wonderful uses for those jars that once housed your favorite spaghetti sauces, olives, fruit preserves and makeup products. Dating back to my childhood days, I have always enjoyed crafting with them and still do.

Below are just some of the many uses for these gems. If you already have a unique use for these, please feel free to share.

  • Use to store spices, cereals, cookies, chocolate, flour, grains, salad dressings, pickles and even hot sauce. Then simply create a label and attach to jars. Hot sauce pictured right -->

  • Utilize as a holder for pens and pencils. Get creative by decorating the jar with ribbons and bows. Great project for the kids too!

  • Store your DIY sugar scrubs and bath salts. Below is a simple coconut oil jar that is now re-used to store one of my favorite DIY scrubs -- Cinnamon Bun Sugar Scrub.

  • Get organized by storing your crafting & sewing supplies. See picture below. You may also get creative and add a pin cushion on top of jar.

  • Fill with water and use as a vase.
  • Use as food storage containers.

  • Use for your DIY candle projects.

  • Store coins.
I apply this same principle with re-using my glass cosmetic containers. I have cleaned and sanitized the pots pictured below which once housed a few of my favorite eye shadows before converting them into lip balm pots. The pot on the right now stores a bit of Raw Organic Shea Butter.

Please remember to always clean your glass containers and allow to air dry before re-using. For cosmetic containers, I like to spritz with rubbing alcohol after it's been washed with regular soap and water.

I hope I have given you some insight for re-using your glass jars and cosmetic containers. Remember conservation is necessary for preserving our environment and planet as a whole.