Naturally Detox Face Mask

There's no doubting my love for cosmetic clays simply because they do so much for the skin and are especially good at naturally detoxifying the skin without any trace of harsh effects. Clays come in a wide variety and can be easily sourced at some health food stores, amazon and online shops. Today I have decided to use a favorite of mine -- French Green Clay. This clay is a powerful detoxifier, absorbs oils and toxins and also improves the skin's blood circulation, bringing the skin to a much healthier state.  And because my skin profile falls under the combination category, this clay happens to be ideal for my skin type. Lately, I'm not too impressed with my oily t-zone and this mask is exactly what my skin needs to aid in the de-junking process.  I'm sure those of you with combination to oily skin can relate to my dilemma.  I never use clays by itself and always like to add other ingredients to make it's effects more beneficial.  And since I'm a huge fan of Organic Matcha Green Tea, I decided to incorporate this into my mask for it's antioxidants benefit and all the other good reasons we consume green tea. Sometimes I like to add things like honey, glycerin or aloe gel depending on my skin's needs. 

Here's the easy peasy mix below:

1 TBSP French Green Clay
1 TSP Organic Matcha Green Tea (I used the one from

Mix well with enough warm water to form a yogurt-like consistency.  Always before applying my masks, I like to do a facial steam to dilate my pores followed by the mask application.  You may do the same too for maximum benefits.  I leave the mask on until it dries and then rinse off thoroughly with warm water.  Then I follow up with my moisturizer. 

Note: I would NOT recommend this mask for those of you with sensitive skin.  Instead you may opt for milder clays such as the French White also known as Kaolin, Yellow or Rose Clay.

I hope this post inspires you to make your own masks at home.