Fresh from the garden to my front door! My 1st CSA Share!

Yesterday my first produce box arrived at my door!  It is a bit small, but my farmer assures me that it will get bigger as produce grows.  So I have lettuce, Kale, cilantro, rhubarb, and some green onions!  Yummy!  

How my CSA works
I give my farmer a set fee prior to the start of the season.  This cover the costs of the farm operation. 
There are risks due to weather and other factors out of the control of my farmer, which are are shared by everyone in the CSA community.

Why I like my CSA
I love that I support my local farmer and the personal contact with that our farmer provides us with the opportunity to ask questions about the practices the farmer uses and to visit the farm to see how it all works!
I get fresh organic produce every week delivered to my door!  
The quality of locally organically grown fresh produce.  Yummy!
The cost(if it is a good year) is way cheaper then buying from the grocery store! 

Local Food Makes Sense!
Exceptional taste and freshness - Local food is fresher and tastes better than food picked before ripening that has been shipped thousands of miles.
It strengthens your local economy - Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community.
Health benefits for the entire family - No lost nutrients compared to grocery store bought foods. 
Protects the environment - Local food doesn't travel far, reducing carbon dioxide emissions from transportation lines and packing crates.Organic methods benefit the soil, air, water, wildlife and people in the farm ecosystem

Now, what to make?  Does anyone have any good rhubarb recipes?