New Chiropractic Technique Eliminates Muscle and Joint Pain

Western New York Muscle and Joint Performance Chiropractic just announced its unique approach to chiropractic treatment called Active Release Technique. Many chiropractors do not use this method so many people are unaware of its benefits. 

Long hours of sitting or repetitive motions with a keyboard and mouse can lead to scar tissue build up within your muscles. This scar tissue alters normal muscle function that causes pain symptoms such as carpal tunnel, tendinitis, shoulder, neck, back and general joint pain.

Dr. James Phipps, a board certified chiropractor and owner of Western New York Muscle and Joint Performance Chiropractic uses Active Release Technique (ART®) to break down scar tissue that causes discomfort in people of all ages. From aging baby boomers to teens playing sports with developing muscles, Dr. Phipps has a specific, credentialed ART treatment protocol to relieve these pains.

“I can feel different texture changes in muscles where the scar tissue formed,” said Dr. Phipps.  “Using ART’s varying motions I break down this tissue,” said Dr. Phipps. “The technique restores normal muscle and soft tissue function, texture and motion.” 

Dr. Phipps develops a personally tailored plan that includes ART, additional muscle therapies and chiropractic adjustments. Many diverse joint and muscle conditions can be successfully treated with this approach. Western New York Muscle and Joint Performance Chiropractic is located at 390 South Youngs Rd. in Williamsville and is open Monday and Friday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information visit or call 716.629.3100.