Healthy Living - Food as Fuel

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Sorta harsh right? But seriously. When we eat in correspondence with our emotions, 
we will always find a reason to eat and typically it's not a salad.

"I got a promotion! Let's go get drinks."

"It's our anniversary, let's grab dinner!"

"I'm having a bad day, I'm going to Starbucks."

"I'm too tired to cook, let's get take-out."

I came up with all of these reasons out of personal experience, so I'm preaching to the choir.  
We have to remember though, we are in control of what we use to fuel our bodies.

We should eat with the knowledge that what goes in our mouths is used as fuel by our body.  This simple sentence helped me lose 30 lbs four years ago, when I started eating with the thought of "is this good fuel or just a craving?"  It then started dawning on me that whole wheat bread was probably a much better fuel than white bread and eating an apple instead of a candy bar was probably better too.  Because I started prioritizing fueling over satisfying my cravings, my body got a chance to heal itself and begin losing weight.

I am all for celebrating life's moments and sometimes a great dinner out is the perfect event.  Try to balance it out with making a new gourmet dinner at home or adding fun ingredients to your salad to liven it up (feta cheese, cranberries, and pecans have been my latest add).

We need to get away from the lie that healthy eating isn't as enjoyable as eating whatever we want.  When our bodies are getting the fuel they need, we're going to be healthier and happier as a result.