Managing Chronic Health Conditions Wirelessly in Buffalo

Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, race, education or location, the number of Americans who are obese, diabetic or suffer from heart and other chronic diseases continues to rise. Now new wireless mobile technology has the potential to improve patient health and wellbeing.  And best of all – the patient doesn’t even need to operate or understand the technology, and it’s available right here in Buffalo!

So how does it work? Brian Egan, CEO of Advantage Home Telehealth (ADHT), explains that a telehealth kit, which includes a smartphone, telehealth software, and devices to monitor vital signs like blood pressure, weight, blood oxygen, and glucose are brought to a patient’s home.  The smartphone sits discreetly in a cradle, while the individual can take their vital signs from anywhere in their home.  Readings are immediately sent wirelessly from the vital sign device into the smartphone to the patient’s health record. If irregularities are detected, the clinical monitoring center is alerted and a call is made to the patient.  Symptoms, including diet and exercise changes are reviewed.

Patients can also be reminded to check their vital signs. The telehealth kit can be used anywhere – at work  school or while on vacation. And for those who have trouble managing multiple medications, a teleview medication unit is available that allows pills to be viewed remotely while in the tray. The patient is reminded to take the medication, and alerts are sent to the monitoring center if a pill is missed.

W. Cline, a local ADHT patient, said, “Of the many positive experiences that I had since having my vital signs monitored by ADHT was after a dialysis treatment. My blood pressure was low, and within minutes an RN from the ADHT clinical call center contacted me to ask how I was feeling. He asked me to take my blood pressure again. I felt cared for, and reassured knowing that someone was monitoring my vital signs, and providing me with helpful coaching.”

Egan is very excited about the technology and says, “Remote monitoring is particularly beneficial for people with chronic illnesses, who want to remain at home. It is helpful to those who live in rural and remote areas and decreased access to healthcare facilities.” Even more important is the peace of mind remote monitoring offers to the overwhelming number of people who are sandwiched in between balancing a busy work life, while caring for their immediate and extended families.

It is estimated that there are 69 million caretakers in the United States. Now, thanks to the proliferation of mobile products and services, ease-of-use and continued innovation by the wireless industry, the use of remote home monitoring has the potential to revolutionize our healthcare system.  Even more significant is that Western New Yorkers can access this technology to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones right now.

ADHT provides comprehensive technology and services for individuals, insurance companies, physician groups, hospitals, clinics, visiting nurse associations and other health care providers serving patients with health conditions and medication management requirements locally and nationally. A monthly fee is charged based upon the vital sign devices and medication monitoring devices needed. For a free trial see

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