Why Choose Mini Dental Implants

    by Benjamin D.Oppenheimer, DDS

When David came in to see me he had just been laidoff from work, and the prospect of going on interviews with two missing teethwas overwhelming. When he asked about mini-implants he was shocked to learnthey cost 50% less than regular implants and wanted to know why.

Approximately 50,000,000 people in the U.S. are"edentulous" (lacking teeth) and struggle daily with embarrassmentdue to missing teeth and discomfort due to loose or ill-fitting dentures,disagreeable breath, and the inability to enjoy the foods they love.

While dentalimplants come in a variety of brands and sizes, mini dental implants (MDIs)have becoming increasingly popular due to improved technology and lower cost.An MDI is a miniaturetitanium screw that acts like the root of your tooth, is very thin and small in diameter, and easy to implant even in thinbone. MDIs can also be usedto connect or cement to a crown or bridge, so they are fixed in place insteadof having to be removed like a denture.  Sometimes they are used toreplace one or more teeth, or an entire arch of teeth.

TodayMDIs are FDA approved, and able to function as long-term supporting structures,rather than short-term or medium term devices. In fact, somehave been successfully functioning in patients' jaws for several decades. Butit is important to understand that all implant systems, as well as naturalteeth,  are subject to potentialfailure due to natural causes, including osteoporosis, poor oral hygiene, wearand tear, poor health, stressful biting habits, and lack of follow-up dentalcare. MDI implants, like regular dental implants, do not carry any actualor implied guarantee as to longevity. However, the loss of a mini dentalimplant is a far less critical event to a patient since it may bereplaced at relatively minimal cost compared to conventional implants, and withminimal associated bone or gum deterioration.

Minidental implants are surprisingly affordable, are usually available at a fractionof the cost of traditional implants, and have been changing the lives ofpatients all over the world. Meanwhile, Dave couldn’t be happier. He says,“Mini dental implants are really affordable, and cost me a fraction of what Iwould have paid for traditional implants. It was painless and I’m reallyhappy!”

Aboutthe Author:
Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS provides both regular and mini dental implants(MDIS). He has lectured to thousands of dentists all over the world, and haswritten extensively on the subject, and placed thousands of dental implants inhis career. He sees patients at his office at 2000 Eggert Road in Amherst. Tolearn more visit
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