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One of my goals for 2012 is to take better care of myself.  This involves regular exercise, a normal sleep routine, upping my fruit and vegetable intake, taking Shakeology on a daily basis, and upping  my water intake.  Believe it or not, the water thing I struggle with the most.  I'm not a huge fan of water (who says that?) so I procrastinate drinking any - and then I realize I've gone all day without ANY.  This is going to stop!

My sister bought me this for Christmas

Crate and Barrel Acrylic Infusion Pitcher
It's a pitcher with a fruit infuser.  Basically, you put fruit in the center strained column and it flavors your water.  I have a lemon in there now and it makes drinking water more fun for me.

Is this a whole post about drinking water?  Why yes.  Here's why.

Water helps....

your body flush toxins, which helps with weight loss
your skin be more clear and more hydrated
reduces your risk of a heart attack
increases energy
aids in digestion
water helps us process food, thereby upping our metabolism
regulate your body temperate

So grab a glass, fill it with water and drink up

Look at this super cute checklist I found on Pinterest.  I love a good checklist.

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