How generic Zovirax proved a better cold sore treatment

“Yes, I am living with herpes happily”. These are the words that make me feel better and let me go ahead in my path. I look alike a healthy person showing no signs of illness. But I do have herpes. I am not ashamed of it. This confidence granted to me by a topical cream for herpes which I use to treat cold sores of herpes. Generic Zovirax or simply acyclovir cream is the name of this cream. I am amazed about the results of generic Zovirax as the intense itching and burning sensation vanished after applying the cream. This feels so good and comfortable. After using generic Zovirax to treat cold sores of mine I decided to advise others to buy acyclovir cream for herpes cold sore treatment. 

I was very disappointed when my doctor announced about my condition. He kept everything confidential though. But he advised me not to get involved in unprotected sex as the cold sores are highly contagious. I took his words seriously as I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s life with no fault of hers. She supported me through my bad days and stood by my side. After getting a prescription of Acyclovir Cream I ran to the pharmacy to check it out. The counter person was looking at me like I have done a sin or so. I firmly told him not to look at me differently as I just got herpes which is treatable. 

I had a very long meeting with my doctor about herpes and how to treat cold sores and how generic Zovirax helps to clear the infection. The bad news is that you cannot cure herpes and the good one is you can simply treat them and also prevent the outbreaks. My doctor told me that generic Zovirax is also effective in the treatments for chickenpox and shingles. I was happy to get a multi tasking cream for herpes to treat cold sores. My partner supported me and still doing so without a word of regret. It is a miracle now the frequency of herpes outbreak has been reduced. Off course the credit owed by generic Zovirax and my partner.

I decided to do research on herpes outbreak. I started collecting information about the same. I even register myself to a forum where the sufferers share the tricks to treat cold sores. I joined them and shared my story too. The urge to live happily and the enthusiasm to share experiences made me even stronger. I started to love my life even the herpes. There is nothing bad about getting herpes as you can treat cold sores effectively with Acyclovir Cream for herpes. 

I personally meet some of the sufferers and get to know more about cold sore treatment. There are many who are using Generic Zovirax Cream and even oral pills to treat cold sores. Though it cannot be cured completely but its recurrence can be reduced greatly with the use of this medication.

This medicine can easily available through any dropshipper, generic dropshipper or online pharmacy.

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