Sweet smelling spices!

There's nothing more inviting than a fresh smelling room. Of course there's an overwhelming array of scents available but have you ever wondered about how safe these products are? If you've ever left the air freshners isle with a headache and wondered why that's due to all the unnatural ingredients used to create these beautiful potent scents.

These toxic chemicals can trigger a series of adverse reactions such as headaches, breathing problems and so much more. It is especially important that asthma sufferers steer clear of conventional air freshners. No need to compromise your health when there are safer options. If you're curious to learn what may be lurking in your air freshner? Then I suggest you take a look at this list published by the Guide To Less Toxic Products.

Pictured above is a piece I put together for the Holidays that was placed on top of a CD rack. Simple, Elegant and non-toxic!

Here's just one way to keep your rooms smelling fresh and inviting -- deodorize and decorate with spices. Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves etc., are all great for filling the air with it's natural and non-toxic aroma. As you can see it also makes a great statement decor. And you can get as creative as you'd like.  Tre combining your choice of spice with some organic rose petals. Place this mixture in a plain glass jar and use as a display piece. Hanging sachet bags are another great option. Just by simply using your imagination the sky's the limit.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Cheers to non-toxic living!